Trade in offer missing
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I called Verizon yesterday because we wanted to upgrade our device. There was an $800 trade in value for our current s10 to trade and get the s23. I made an appointment at the store because we wanted to do it in person and they had no appointments until today. 

Today, I cannot find the offer for the $800 trade in/upgrade. Did I somehow miss my window?

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I know that when it's time for me to shop for a new phone, I always look for the best deal, Jcdyd4u. These phones really aren't getting any less expensive, like everything else these days. Sometimes, there might be a loyalty offer that is avaialble specifically for your account, or a line of service on your account. These wouldn't be advertised on the website, but you can view them in My Verizon. You can follow this link to sign in and find out what offers are available specifically for you:


Let me know if this information helps.