Trade-in promotion - better for new customers than existing. Possible to open new line and keep number?
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There's currently a trade-in promotion that offers $400 for our old phones if we stay on our current plan or $800 if we upgrade to a higher plan tier (which we don't want to do).

The promotion offers that same $800 trade-in credit for NEW LINES on our current plan tier but, again, we can't take advantage of this because we have existing lines.

We could open new lines on our same plan and close our old lines but we don't want to lose our numbers.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to port our existing numbers to another line with Verizon?

I don't want to have to switch to AT&T after 15 years with VZW but, at this point, they'd enable me to keep a similar plan to the one I have now, give me an even larger trade-in value for my phone, and keep my line.

It's sad that carriers offer better deals to capture members from other carriers than retain their existing ones. 

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We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.   *Mabell