Trade-in promotion not honored
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I upgraded four family phones last November 2022. Two I upgraded directly through Verizon online and two online through Best Buy (they had them in stock when Verizon did not).  At the time, there was a promotion to receive $700 or 800 when trading-in a phone, either through Best Buy's site or Verizon's. Three of the four phone upgrades went fine and I received the trade-in promotion. However, the fourth upgrade (one of two that went through Best Buy) indicated during checkout that I had reached my spending limit and would need to pay for the phone up front . I figured I would do it since I was getting the $700 trade-in value so I went ahead. When I did not see the full trade-in value in my account, I contacted support. After several chats/calls with Verizon though, I was finally told  I would only get $65 for my phone because I paid in full up front. Nothing online indicated that I would not get the big trade-in if I paid up front and I even have a text from a Verizon rep mentioning my $700 trade-in adjustment.  I asked the latest Verizon rep if I could escalate my request and was told Yes and I would be called back within two hours. That was three days ago.   I didn't get the sense that any of the five different reps (but one) cared one way or the other. Been with Verizon over 15 years. Has anyone gotten something like this resolved in their favor?

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Hello BlackApps!


We are here to help, and we are sorry to hear that you did not receive the full value of your trade. We can certainly take a look, and check the status of the request that was made. Please reply to our Private Message for assistance with your trade situation.