Trade-in showing as not sent despite having been received over a week ago.

Like with many others on this forum, it appears that something in the system is not updating the status of the phone we traded in for the $800 promotion.  It was sent and arrived over a week ago. It was signed for by somebody named Long at the Fort Worth dock on 4/11/23, but the system shows as if I haven't yet sent it.  I even received a warning stating I am running out of time to send it or risk forfeiting the promotional value. I am writing here with hopes that we can resolve this appropriately, but I am quite concerned after reading many of the other posts where it appears to have dragged on for weeks and months despite what appears to be multiple attempts by the customer to correct an on-going error in the system.  It even appears that some folks just accepted they were out of hundreds of dollars because of Verizon's error.

I have 10 more days until I am outside the 30 day return window, so I'd prefer to correct this ASAP as I wish to continue my service and not be forced to return the new phones and then pursue return of the old ones.  It appeared that some others were able to get this issue resolved by writing here so I am hoping somebody empowered to adjust my account manually and correct for this is reachable through this forum.  

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Loukey42! Thanks for contacting us. I'm going to send you a private message to give you all the help you need.