Traded in phone stolen

I switched from another cell phone carrier to Verizon and traded in 4 phones in December 2022. It took a while to get any type of credit for the trade ins. When I finally did get the credit it was incorrect. They had shorted me over $400 on one of my trade ins. I called multiple times each month- each time being told it was fixed. It never has been. One time they told me I had canceled my trade in- I asked how so when they had the phone. I’ve called- I went in to my local store in Parker, CO (one of the lady’s in there literally told me tough luck I should go back to the other carrier if I didn’t like it). I told them to send me back the phone I traded in if they weren’t going to give me the proper credit. Still nothing- they have the absolute worst customer service. They took my phone and credited me a fraction of its worth!!!! Maybe I need to go to small claims court or contact my local news agency since it appears this is an ongoing issue with many of Verizon’s customers.