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here's my story of my recent problem of my lost phone trade in between ups and Verizon.

I went and upgraded my Samsung s21 plus for the Samsung s23 ultra with trading in my phone they gave me $1000 off my new phone which would be credited on my account for 2 years

Verizon new thing is they give you the box and shipping label to send your old phone back within 30 days you just need to drop it off at the ups store. 

I dropped my phone off at the ups store and they sent it out and I had the receipt. After about 2 weeks I got an alert from Verizon they never received my phone, so then I reached out to Verizon through the online chat. The agent confirmed they did receive my phone. A month goes by and I get another alert from Verizon that I will be getting the $1000 charged because they never received my phone. 

I went and called Verizon and the agen informed me that the other agent was wrong and that they never in fact received my phone and that I needed to go back to ups to find my package. 

This is now 2 months later and I found out through ups that my package was damaged on the way to Verizon and that they went ahead and threw out my package. They took no documentation of the damages or went ahead and just delivered the package like they should have. 

So I called ups to be reimbursed for the damaged package and they inform me since Verizon is the sender (not me because I didn't pay for the label) they can not refund me my damages, Verizon has to file the claim. 

So I went ahead and called Verizon and informed of this and I just keep getting told over and over again reassured this will get solved but they in fact cant do anything. 

This is where the customer loses out because ups won't take the blame and Verizon won't take the blame. 

There are 100s of threads about this, Verizon and ups are by far the worst companies and are not stepping up to fix their customer problems. 

I still have no solution and I'm out a $1000 and my old phone. 

I'm at the point to canceling Verizon who I've been with a long time.

If anyone has any ideas on what to do please help. This should be on the news that ups or Verizon isn't fixing this.

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