UPS Delivered—Turn yours in at the store!

We had a Google Pixel that was broken, had insurance so got it replaced.  Tried to get pictures off it before sending it back via UPS.  UPS tracking shows it was delivered October 27, 2022.   But I was still charged for the phone ($999.99).  I was told  January  9, 2023 that they verified the package, and would be credited for the phone via my monthly payments.   Today I got my new bill (regular) have been online and on the phone for HOURS now.  Today  they say an iPhone was in the box.   

Now I’m being told I was given a confirmation number by mistake and have to speak to a manager to see what can be done about the problem.   Still waiting…..

Re: UPS Delivered—Turn yours in at the store!
Customer Service Rep

EmmaLT, thank you so much for reaching out. I can understand your concern. Can you please provide me with more details? Were you trading these old phones in as part of a promotion?