UPS Lost Trade - Help!
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I recently purchased the new iphone 14 pro max because Verizon was offering $800 in trade ($22 per month for 36 months). Using a UPS package/label provided by Verizon, I dropped this off at the UPS Store along with the watch I was also trading in. These were in identical boxes dropped off together. The watch made it to the trade-in center in Texas and per UPS tracking the phone NEVER LEFT THE UPS store. I have been in touch with the store several times and they are no help. From what I've seen lately on the internet, phone trades going missing from a UPS store are not that uncommon.

I have a UPS receipt for these with the tracking numbers and time of drop-off. It is my understanding I am a third party and cannot start a UPS claim because Verizon in the shipper. This sounds like it will be a not-fun circle of wasted time. Does anybody know the best way to get Verizon to file a UPS claim for "their" lost shipment - and most importantly, to ensure I still get my $800 trade-in offer!!  The clock is ticking on my trade-in time.

Please help and thank you for any useful info or best person, phone #, email to contact to get this resolved!!