Verizon lost my phone
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Verizon lost my pristine trade in iPhone XS Max and refuses to work with UPS to figure out what happened.  Very poor customer service who raise a new ticket on this same topic every time I call and offer a resolution which is what you can see from the UPS tracking page online.  I’m canceling my new account and also going to cancel my 3 year old Fios account due to the indifferent customer service attitude.  Spent 3 hours on calls on the same topic in the last 30 days and now I’m running out of the refund period so just canceling the contract.  

Never ever Verizon!

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Customer Service Rep

I'm troubled to hear of all the issues you have had with your returned device. I'd like the opportunity to see what can be done ot turn this around. I value your time and want to catch up on where things are on our end, to do so I'll be sending a Private Note.