Who can I ask for help? I don’t know what to do anymore
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I switched to Verizon last month and I have had nothing but problems and have not been able to get much help. Initially there were issues with the port-transfer for my two phones. I spent the first week with my new devices with no functioning service since my number wouldn’t work.  After spending over an hour talking to support, they said it would be easier to just change to a new number. I asked if this would effect my rebate (new customer/200$ per new device line) and they said no, since my transferred lines never worked it would be fine and the new lines would count towards the rebate instead. Now, I am getting charged for service and activation fees for my old numbers that were never able to get transferred over and I was never able to use. Both of my rebates (400$ total) were also rejected. I spoke to support and they said they cannot help. So I’m now getting charged for service I was never able to use and not receiving my rebate, which was one of the deciding factors of me switching carriers right now. Another reason I chose Verizon is because I could trade in my devices for credit that would pay off my new devices. I brought my devices to UPS a week ago and was given no receipt. Now, Verizon says my package was never shipped and I am only about a week from my trade-in value being revoked. Mind you, they initiated the trade in before I even received my new devices and then I had to keep my old devices for another week because of not having service on the new ones. I contacted support again and they said they could get the tracking information with the order and location number from my trade in. I checked the trade in status page and gave them this information. They said the information was valid but the tracking information was saying invalid and they were not sure how to help. Now I’m worried about getting charged thousands of dollars for my new devices because the package seems lost or they at least haven’t received it yet. I’ve tried calling, using the chat, and visiting my in-person store through out all of this  and no one has been able to help me yet. I don’t know what to do anymore. This is the worst service I’ve ever received with a wireless carrier. The people who have tried to help have been nice they just don’t know how to help they keep telling me to call a different department and then I do and they say they can’t help either. I just need help! I’m so fed up and it’s costing me so much time and money and I don’t know what to do anymore! 

Re: Who can I ask for help? I don’t know what to do anymore
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Hi there! We are so sorry to hear about all these issues you have encountered. We can't even imagine how frustrating it has been for you. I can assure you we take pride in assisting our customers. We are here and happy to help! For further assistance go ahead and PM us! *Nicki