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In July ‘22  I traded my iPhone 11 pro for  the Apple iPhone 13 Pro with Verizon because they were offering all new customers and current customers up to $800 for their device.  I was to receive a credit for $700. Things were fine until I was on the app and it was offering to have me view other plans. I don’t use my phone that much so I switched to another unlimited plan called Welcome Unlimited because it was less expensive. When shown a comparison of what I had with my current plan and what I would receive with my new plan, it showed that I was still receiving the monthly credit. In addition, when I received my next bill summary on Oct 19, 2022, it also showed that I would be receiving the monthly credit. So, why would I think anything else?  MONTHS go by and it now January 21, 2023 and Verizon is removing my credit stating that I switched plans to one that isn’t included in the promotion. Mind you, when I got the phone, this plan wasn’t even available. Not only that, EVERYTHING that came up when I was looking at options on my phone, showed me receiving the credit and there was NO warning that my device credit would be eliminated when I switched.  Now, if I had been alerted right away when I went to switch, I would have switched to another plan or gone back to my original plan. OR if my next bill summary had shown that I was no longer receiving the credit, I would have contacted Verizon immediately and asked questions and switched to a qualifying plan or back to my old one. They wait 3 MONTHS to notify me and at this time, plans have changed and I can no longer get my original plan so I’m stuck paying more per month and continue to get the credit, which is basically a wash, OR I can a take $200 credit and forget it ever happened.

Each rep that I have spoken with has pulled up the next bill summary online and could not tell me why there was an issue and said it must be a system issue or that I should have received a notification sooner. The first manager who was supposed to call me back didn’t show up for the call so the rep apologized and scheduled a call for the next day. Once again the rep called with no manager/supervisor on the phone and said she was told to offer me a $200 credit or tell me to switch plans. I insisted on speaking to someone because she could not explain why I didn’t find this information out months ago.  She scheduled a call for the following day…NO ONE CALLED AGAIN.  This was Wednesday and it is now Saturday and the first time I’ve had HOURS to spend trying to get through to someone who speaks English as their first language as no one overseas is ever able to help with big issues and I spent more time just explaining the same thing over and over. I finally get through to an American, he has system issues and we sit on the phone together for 20 min before I told him I have to go and I’ll call back to someone else. The next rep was helpful, once again stating she could understand the issue and that she agreed that the credit should be honored. She was able to have a supervisor call me (she actually did her job and called me back). She said that although it shows me continuing to get a credit , their system takes 90 days to update to the correct information.  All she could do was offer me $200 credit or switch to another unlimited plan. So, Verizon, this publicly traded company, ONLY has system updates ONCE PER QUARTER???? Riiiiigggghhht.  It’s a tactic and I can’t possibly be the only person on here who has dealt with this. It can’t possibly be legal because it’s a bait and switch. She also stated that when a customer switches plans they should have a large pop up appear explaining what, if anything, you will lose. They do not. They wait so long to alert you because there’s no way for us to go back to old plan or even confirm the information we were originally given. A Level 2 supervisor is supposed to call me back within 72 hrs so I will post IF they call.  This is not the first time I’ve had this or something similar happen with them and my friends have experienced the same.  They want you to spend countless hours of your time trying to fight with them so you finally just give up and move on. Well, I assure you, I am not moving on, no matter how many calls, emails, social posts it takes.   Simply out of principle.

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We appreciate you sharing a detailed account of what has happened since you changed to the Welcome Unlimited plan, Bpizzle721. To properly address your concerns, we are sending a private note.