Errors When Trying to Delete Verizon Cloud - Unable to Delete Verizon Cloud
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I am trying to delete verizon cloud from my account, but I am getting an error every time I try to do so. I have downgraded my unlimited wireless account and so, verizon cloud is no longer free as an add-on.

I have spent hours trying to resolve this issue. I have attempted to delete verizon cloud on the web portal on my desktop computer (Clicked on account --> Apps and Add-ons --> Verizon Cloud --> Manage --> Remove Plan). I have tried it on the mac desktop application for Verizon cloud (Settings --> My Account --> Cancel My Plan) and I have tried to delete it on the verizon cloud iPhone app (More --> Account and Content Tools --> Delete my account). In each case, I get an error: "Sorry, something went wrong. An Unknown Error Occured. Please Try Again later". 


I have also spent a ton of time talking to Verizon Reps. THIS IS INSANE. I am about to be charged for a tool that I do not use and cannot delete. Can someone please tell me what to do and how to avoid getting charged for this. The plan is associated with the 4343 number on my account. 

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