How to escalate with Verizon

Does anyone know a way to escalate past the phone agents? Verizon, without our knowledge, changed us from our old unlimited plan (circa 2009 so it was TRULY slow down after you reached a certain usage). With two kids taking online college classes classes and two adults working remotely, we didn't complain  about the very high cost of keeping the old plan along with the fee to use phone as our hotspot.  We live in a rural area and that was the best option for us. For some reason, the hotspot boxes don't work as well out here as the phone hotspot  does. Woke up on 2/4 to no internet. Went online using phone and saw they had changed my plan, giving no notification whatsoever. I have called 4 times and keep getting the same answer.  The agents say that they are going to reinstate our original plan and to give it 24 to 48 hours. They first offered a data boost and swore it would return is to original usage level...gone in an hour.  I finally asked yesterday for a number to someone who could actually do something and was told "Sorry, we don't even have the number of that department ourselves. Wait 24 to 48 hours." Both college kids are having to drive to their grandparents' home and I am driving an hour to my work to do my "remote" job. We have already gotten on the Starlink wait list and will cancel both of our personal Verizon accounts as well as my husband's business account with several lines if they don't get this straight. I would rather pay Straight Talk for sorry service than to continue to pay Verizon who can't even reach their own supervisors or a higher department.

Any advice or info would be much appreciated.

Re: How to escalate with Verizon
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We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.