I really hate this service since I was forced to upgrade

We upgraded both of our phones because the camera literally fell out of the Samsung Galaxy S20.     After paying a ton of money we had to go back to the store 3 times the same day.  The text messages didn't work, dropping calls, bad coverage.

Now we are forced into a 5g top of the line plan.  Well not top of the line in my book.  The service hardly ever in 5g so what exactly was the upgrade?  Last night we had tons of problems.  Every night it's never in 5g although at home I am in a good coverage area.   It pesters me to hook up to my wifi.. that's so we won't have to deal with the non-existent 5g coverage. 

I have called numerous times I am sick of this, I just want to give it all back.  Give up the money we paid keep the phones we will go elsewhere.  

Look at our account, what is the process.



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We are sorry to read that your experience on Verizon has not met your expectations, we have the option to return the devices in a 30-day period.


Here, you can find an explanation of the process, and you can print a return label:



If you want to continue this conversation, you can send us a direct message, then we can access your account.


Thank you for contacting Verizon!