I was duped into an "upgrade" and lost service as a result
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I have been a verizon cell plan customer for years. Today I contacted customer support via chat for a question about an increase on my bill. Unsolicited, the agent asked me whether I wanted a free upgrade for faster service which I said sure to. An hour later my cell service stopped completely. I again got on chat and spoke with multiple (about 10) different agents who all attempted to trouble shoot the problem over the course of 2 hours. I also did my own internet research and learned that the disruption could have been due to this "upgrade". None of the many agents I spoke to asked about this. It's unclear to me how they didn't notice the pending order on my account. I raised it with the last agent I spoke to who confirmed that it was indeed this upgrade that resulted in loss of service. I attempted to delete the upgrade and was unable to. The agent likewise could not delete it and told me I simply have to wait for service which would take 24 hours!!! I wasted 3 hours of my work day trying to trouble shoot and no one could do anything to rectify the situation. I also asked how i could save the chat such as having it emailed to me, which was a feature available previously, as I will need this conversation to rescind my cell contract.  The agent told me there is no way to get a copy of it. I've seen this raised in other forums as well. It is clear verizon is attempting to avoid accountability for absolutely everything. I will be cancelling my contract because I simply cannot risk being duped into supposed "upgrades" that result in loss of service and carriers who don't have the power to rectify their own mistakes.