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I travel internationally a few times a year. The past few times my trips have been over 10 days (actually 3+weeks) so I have signed up for the monthly international plan for $100.  I will be taking a couple of trips in the next few months that will be less than 10 days so it is recommended to get the travel pass, which I understand stays on my account and is triggered once I use my phone internationally. My question is since the travel pass plan stays on the account; should I travel internationally again for longer than 10 days can I sign-up for the monthly plan and not trigger the travel pass?

Does anyone know how this might work?  It's definitely cost effective to have the monthly plan for trips exceeding 10 days.

Re: International travel
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rcbs62, we are excited to hear about your upcoming trips. Making sure you are aware of your international travel plan options is important. We are here to help. You can continuously keep Travelpass enabled on your account and this will only activate when you are traveling internationally. If you add a monthly travel plan this will activate first, and you will not be charged for Travelpass.