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Hi there I wanna talk about something what I see on my account under My Verizon Offers right, I see that where it says save at least $10/month on 5G Start Unlimited, which Unlimited plan would that be if I may ask you, would it be the 5G Play More plan as it is $90/month and then the save $10 would make it go down to $80/month just like the 5G Start Just Basics plan is the same price per month, let me know if I am right about if I would have to pick that $90/month plan of 5G Play More plan in order to save that $10 per month on a different plan

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Re: My Verizon Offers
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us today. Are you asking if the $10 discount for autopay and paperless billing applies to the Starter Unlimited play as well?