Phone lost or stolen/ promotion credit not honored
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I went into a Verizon retail store in Pensacola, FL  to switch my wife from Straight-Talk to Verizon after seeing a promotion to trade in a select phone for an $800 credit. My wife had an iPhone XR in great condition that was turned in to a representative who asked us to leave the XR with him and we were told that after 2-3 billing cycles the promotion would kick in. It has been over 3 billing cycles and there is no record of the phone credit being applied anywhere. I have talked to multiple people from Verizon who have said that they see the phone and that it was turned in. However, nothing concrete, even as little as a receipt or email have been shown. It is seeming to me like the phone has been stolen or lost. 

After talking with the same rep again, he says he is going to apply a “promotion fix” which sounds like the phone was never processed in the first place. If the phone wasn’t worth anything fine, but I refuse to give away a free phone that was in great condition.  I am just paying for a brand new phone which I wouldn’t have done without the promotion. Terrible.