Unlimited plan doesn't look good

I currently have the 2 GB plan, which no longer exists, but I am grandfathered into.  I often go over the limit and have to pay for an overage.  Verizon thinks that I should switch to an unlimited plan.  But the unlimited plan doesn't look too good: it's (obviously) more expensive than my current plan.  And it seems to be a downgrade in that it will stream in SD rather than HD.  Seems like a downgrade to me.  Am I missing something?  Wouldn't it be cheaper to just keep paying for the occasional overage and keep access to HD streaming?  Thank you.

Re: Unlimited plan doesn't look good
Customer Service Rep

Good evening!  Thanks for reaching out to us.  We understand that you have some questions about your account.  We are more than happy to assist.  Please send a PM for further assistance.  *Jerina