Verizon is not honoring their promotion

As a Fios customer of many years, I received an email from Verizon Fios for a deal to 'add one line of Unlimited Welcome for just $30/line' and under that, it said 'per month for 1-3 lines, plus taxes & fees. With Auto Pay and Mobile + Home Discount.' At the bottom of the email in finer print, it says: 'Unlimited Welcome: Auto Pay & paper-free billing req’d. $65/mo. for 1 line, less $5/line Mobile + Home Discount, less $30/line Mobile + Home Loyalty Discount; $40/line/mo. for 3 lines, less $5/line Mobile + Home Discount, less $5/line Mobile + Home Loyalty Discount'.

I then called Verizon Wireless and inquired about this deal. I was told I was eligible. So, I opened two new lines and ordered two iPhone 13s because Verizon had a deal going on for free iPhone 13s with each new line/a $699 discount. However, when I received the phones and tried to set up everything I ran into multiple issues.  My main concern is that I noticed my estimated bill was over $200. When I tried to apply the Mobile + Home discount, I was only offered a $5 discount. I contacted Verizon customer service multiple times and each agent told me something different.  One agent would say the $30/line offer only applies if I opened 4 lines, but the email literally says "1-3 lines". Another agent would say it only applies if you open 3 lines. Another agent would say the extra discount only applies if you open Fios after you open a mobile line, so because I had Fios first, I am only eligible for $5. That makes no sense because I received this email with this offer as a pre-existing Fios member. 

They baited me with that email and now are not honoring their promotion and acting ignorant. None of their customer service agents seem to know what is going on. I even went to their physical stores and one agent would tell me a different thing. When I finally found someone who knew of this promotion and sat down to break down my estimated bill with me, he tells me their system is down and he cannot help me open the new lines. Seems very sketchy. 

Verizon is a sc am and a waste of time.

Funny, I included the word s c am in my body and was prevented from posting as it is a "bad word" and to clean up the post before posting. Maybe they should clean up their filthy business practice. 

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your promotion. We'd like to help make sure you're able to get the promotion you were promised. We'll send you a Private Note so we can better assist.