Data useage with Delphi
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I know this is asking for a real stretch, but I want to get some sort of feel for the costs associated with data usage of the device presuming we are NOT considering hotspot related use.

To give an example, my brother, upon buying his first house, thought the gas fireplace was real charming and ran it constantly. Until he got his first bill that included it's use.

I don't want any unpleasant surprises. If the unit is used to check on the vehicle's location for perhaps just enough to identify where it is located, are we talking of any significant more data exchange than opening a web page in a browser? Are there any further similar Delphi usage analogies anyone experienced can make for me?

I would just hate to buy one of these things and have to relegate it to paperweight duty because it eats too much usage. I highly doubt that would be the case, but then I doubt my brother ever thought his gas fireplace's usage would drive his gas bill up by $250 or so a month...