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4G/LTE Installed - Dynamic DNS

Someone at VZW wanted to close this discussion as receiving the correct answer.  The question is NOT answered. 


The Verizon Wireless TG790 4G router for its "4G/LTE Wireless Installed" service has a menu option to add a Dynamic DNS service directly into the router -- and not on a resident client PC application.  This is the preferred dynamic DNS configuration since the DNS will update even if a PC on the network that runs the dynamic DNS app crashes.   I use the and DNS services.  I have accounts for both.  I have tried configuring each dynamic DNS service, one at each time, and neither works with the Verizon TG790 wireless router.  It's as if that feature is not yet implemented in the TG790 router.  Verizon Wireless customer service refuses to offer any support on this feature and their suggestion is to "find an IT guy" to figure it out.  Guess what?  I'm the IT guy with several network certifications. The issue is with the router, not the IT guy.   Clues, anyone?


We still need verification from VZW's CUSTOMERS if the Dynamic DNS feature is still enabled in the TG790 "4G/LTE Wireless Installed" router or if it has been disabled by VZW.

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Re: 4G/LTE Installed - Dynamic DNS

I've been trying to set up the Dynamic DNS feature in the Antenna today and it just won't take.  I enter the information required, just like the manual says but continuously get a "not updated" status.  I'm using for the dynamic dns service.  NS config queries show that that is working Ok because it resolves.

Further to this, I want to set up an incoming connection for VPN.  I have set up a VPN service in a WIN 10 PC on the LAN but no luck so far.  can anyone suggest the port forwarding steps I need to take to get this working (providing the dynamic DNS can be resolved?)

Failing that, how can i bridge this router out and put one in that will set up properly?


Re: 4G/LTE Installed - Dynamic DNS

I have two locations using Home Fusion for close to 5 years. Until recently, they worked. Verizon is silently disabling this service. They can either frustrate you into paying for a static IP address, or get you to limit the traffic on their network. When you ask for help, they will not help you.