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LTE Home Internet Speed

Has anyone using the LTE Home Internet router recently experiencing a significant drop in their download speed? I was testing at 30 to 40 MBPS and as of last week I am at 1 to 5 MBPS download. 

Background - I received my LTE Home Internet router 10/28/2020. it worked great until 11/16/2020 when Verizon pushed a firmware update 204453 which caused many of these routers to lock up several times a day requiring a reset. On 12/18/2020 Verizon pushed a new firmware update 204953 which has resolved the lockup issue. They router worked great after 12/18/2020 and I was consistently getting download speeds between 30 and 40 MBPS. On 2/10/2021 my router down load speed dropped to between 1 and 5 MBPS. After trying power cycling, and resetting the router, I called Verizon on 2/11/2021. After several attempts to trouble shoot and several different Verizon Reps, they decided to create a ticket to have someone verify the tower in our area was working okay. We are also experiencing slow download speeds on the 3 Verizon phones we have.

I called Verizon back to follow-up on 2/16/2021. Verizon said that everything is okay on their end and to have the customer look at an extender, which of course is not going to do anything for our issue and the rep on the phone agreed. The rep Curtis I was speaking to was very nice, but said there was no reason to submit another ticket for them to check this out again as the result will be the same. He said that he would add a note in my file that if I decided to stop using the LTE Home Internet there would be no penalty. It is like they want us to stop using this service, very odd.

Slow Home LTE Speeds

After having had service since November of 2020 I started to notice that my ROKU streaming was buffering. I thought to myself, what is going on. So I started checking my Home LTE Speeds and find that speeds are way under what was advertised.

I tried recycling power on the device multiple times to see if maybe that would take care of things. Sometimes I get advertised speed of 50 down and 10 up. Most of the time I don't though.

Re: Slow Home LTE Speeds
Customer Support

Keeping you connected and providing the best speeds is important to us. Please tell me more about the services and plan you have? How often is this happening? Share details. We are here to help.