Accessing old photos on cloud before fees?
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I had the cloud back when it was free and it has a handful of my pictures i would like to look at. How do i get access to the dated material that was uploaded prior to the fee being applied without subscribing to the monthly cloud.

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Re: Accessing old photos on cloud before fees?
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I know how vital it must be to retrieve these old photos, BHW196. A picture is worth a thousand words, to say the least. Let's review our options for retrieving these photos. Have you attempted to log in to your Verizon Cloud and confirm of any saved media content?


Here are instructions for viewing and downloading cloud content: . Please see under "Using Verizon Cloud" #9 for using your phone or tablet, and #10 for using your computer. 


Do you know the last time you were able to view your cloud content? Please review these steps and let us know if they were helpful in retrieving your cloud content. We will be standing by for further support if needed.


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Re: Accessing old photos on cloud before fees?
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You have 30 days from the date your free Cloud service was terminated, to possibly have your cloud content restored from backup servers.  During that period, you can subscribe to the paid service (free trial as well) and possibly have your content restored.  After that time period expires, all bets are off.

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