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All my videos and pictures are gone - 4 years of data, including birth through 18 months of my son's life

I have been a Verizon customer for 15+ years and I am still with Verizon. A few months ago, I deleted a line of service from my account. There was no conversation about my cloud, except that everything would transfer and I could log in for awhile with my prior number. Yes, I should have had redundant back up. I relied 100% on the Verizon Cloud (I paid for it monthly and I didn't leave the company). Because my cloud was not manually transferred, I have lost my data from 4 years of life. The most important losses to me are the photos and videos of my pregnancy, my son's birth, his first steps, his first words, everything. I have minimal photos and no videos from this time now. After 30 days everything is wiped. Verizon, I challenge you to 1) care more about your customers - this was so preventable if the rep would have been better educated by what I would lose with disconnecting a line of service (why wasn't my cloud data transferred?) 2) maybe extend your "30 day wipe policy" especially for your existing customers. How can you properly comply with law enforcement inquires if you wipe data after 30 days? The rep that had to break the bad news was very kind and tried to console me, but this is unacceptable. I don't know how to stay with a company that let this happen. Yes, I should have had redundant back up, lesson learned but I relied on your company and your cloud service. This was super sad for my family and it shouldn't have happened.