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Can't clean up contacts w Cloud, is there another way?

I keep trying to clean up my contact info.  Have been doing it on the phone and Verizon Cloud online However:
  Have a lot done, but keep seeing ones I deleted reappearing.  Then I noticed some are doing this via the Microsoft Outlook account (email link).   So I have tried to clean up my outlook contacts.I have problem with Outlook link labelling these contacts as family.  How to edit this when Outlook doesn't display that label, or I don't see it in the Verizon Cloud?

Notably, I can't see a way to edit the labels in Outlook either.

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Re: Can't clean up contacts w Cloud, is there another way?
Super User
Super User

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook and Verizon Cloud do not have 100% matching datafields, thus, multiple versions of the same contact are not that uncommon.

I ended up unlinking Outlook and Cloud. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge accesses Verizon Cloud while my Microsoft Surface 3 and Pro 3 do not. As a result, I have to update information in two different cloud systems.

Re: Can't clean up contacts w Cloud, is there another way?

You can access and edit your Verizon cloud contact info through the website by signing into your account,  selecting your device and then selecting the manage cloud content option. Choose contacts and then edit. It can't be done through the My Verizon app on the phone. I'm able to access it through the computer version of the Internet on my Samsung S7edge but after editing the contact it won't let me save the changes. I get a pop up message saying it can't be done at this time. I think it might need to be done on a computer. It makes no sense that you can't edit the contact info from your phone!