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Cloud app for iOS crashes

I'm using a iPhone 5 in perfect condition with iOS10.2. I have already downloaded-Killed-booed phone many times before I gave up and came here seeking help. I have problems installing the app.

First it would not take my email ID. That is, after I enter my (correct) ID, and hit NEXT, it crashed. I did this about 5 times. Finally, it settled down at the stage. However, in subsequent downloads/installation routines, it crashes after I go pas choosing what I wanted backed up and go through the info screens at the back-end. In fact, at the Choosing stage", I am forced to choose Photos/Video as well. In other words, the NEXT navigation is greyed out if chose only COntacts.

How difficult is it for a mobile service giant to craft a simple mobile app and TEST it?!

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Re: Cloud app for iOS crashes

I have been told this is a recognized problem and Verizon is working on it. What I cannot understand is why Verizon would not announce it publicly/transparently so that customers won't have to waste their time and energy hacking it.

A Verizon rep sent me an email response to this when it could have ( and should have been) posted it. Isn't that the whole purpose of a "forum in the customer service" model, if not the self-serving "crowd-sourced" solution hack? Anyway, here is the rep's email and beneath that my response. I masked my name as well as the rep's name in the interest of privacy.

"Hi CustomerABC, I just wanted to reach out to you in regards to your post about your Cloud app. Our app developers are aware that some customers (a small group & not all customers) are coming across this issue. They are working diligently to resolve this. There is not ETA as to when an update will be out. We appreciate all of your patience in this matter. VzwRep XYZ"

And here was my response to that:

"Thank you for the quick response, VzwRep XYZ. Now, I'd say the responsible thing for VZW to do (not to speak of FCC's stipulations) is to respect customers' time and effort and announce somewhere (HELP, FAQs, Forums, email sent about BackUp Asst., etc.) the same discovery Verizon ALREADY made or was reported. That would not only be empathetic and ethical, it will actually make Verizon seem like a transparent and benevolent provider. And, maybe, maybe, JD Powers will notice such kindness of heart and professionalism. 🙂

Thank you for reading my suggestion/lament. Cheers. CustomerABC"