Cloud deleted no warning
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Last week i found out all of my cloud data under verizon free data was deleted because I did not get the paid plan. I received no notification about this change. NONE. Two verizon reps verified no history of notifying me. It apparently was deleted back in April 2018.  I had this for about 3 years as part of my original contract. I lost pictures I can not replace. I have been trying to find out if i can get these back from various calls to Verizon. I would have paid for the sevice (blackmail) if I would have known even though this seems to violate my original contract to not lose the pictures.  This is the most callous mean thing I have every experienced from a company. Can I get my photos back??? I have been a long term Verizon customer. This is irresponsible.

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Re: Cloud deleted no warning
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We do regret the loss of content, however I'd be curious to look in to the information you say you were given, as there were programs in place then to alert prior and post by way of SMS, Emails that if you do not want the free service to download all data.  After the removal the app displays a message indication a 30-day archive window where the user may elect to recover their content. At this time we have also instituted additional SMS notifications on Cloud service level changes that affect media.

The Cloud service could not remain free due to changes in storage and development costs, and the App Team needed to make this change.  Currently we offer 500GB Cloud as 'Included' for the 'Do More Unlimited' and 'Get More Unlimited' wireless plans, thought contact your My Verizon rep to see what other options may be available.  

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Is there anyway I can get the content back?



Re: Cloud deleted no warning
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mveeneman, We certainly wish there were. After the 30-day archive window, the content is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered after that time.