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Today will end over a 8 yr relationship with BIG Red. For me, they have become to expensive, with a bill sitting at over $3000, mostly because they said they have not received phones back, ( at $600 plus per phone ) and it costing me $20 per device to reactivate every time they would shut down my service over it, ($240) Add to that I was grandfathered in on unlimited and now it's $50 per phone ($200) a month just for data, that you need to have a $30 an hour job just to have them as your provider.

For years here in the Dakota's we suffered with very poor cell coverage, yet paid top dollar. And when we finally got 4G, ( always last) well them they switched to the tiered data [removed]. For many out this way Verizon was and still is the only reliable internet supplier there is. But it's not usable unless you can shell out $200 to $500 per month.

My relationship with them has been very strange. Seems every time I've ever went to do business with them it cost me more  money than it should have been. 2 yrs ago at Christmas, soon as they finally allowed unlimited customers to again return to being a member of the Verizon family and stopped treating us like we had the Ebola virus by letting us take advantage of buying phones on the monthly payment option, ( and they only did that cuz they raised the price from $20 to $50 a month for our data) I had to drive to Fargo ND 5 times to get 2 phones for Xmas gifts. It wasnt till Xmas Eve around 6 pm was I able to finally make the purchase, Fargo is 90 miles one way, and it was around -20 below out I was driving a 3/4 ton pickup that gets roughly 8 to 12 miles to the gallon. So I spent about what it would have cost me to buy one phone outright just trying to buy a phone from them.

Not long ago I bought a Samsung Note 7. 2 weeks later I was told to return it to the store I bought it in, Best Buy in Sioux Falls SD, 170 miles one way. But this time I had learned to many lessons and I called ahead ( I had also done this 70% of the time anyway) to make sure there would be no problems. So, get to Best Buy, Everything ready to go, WAIT!!!! You owe $23.00 so this has to be paid before we can take this phone back, never mind it might blow up in my back pocket, that it's melted not one but 2 cords in 2 weeks, And paying the $23 is no big deal just wish it would have reflected this when I paid the bill 5 days earlier. But one problem, I had gave my wife my credit card to keep going south and kept $50 to put in gas tank and return home and paying $23 left me $27 to get back, not even close. Explained this to Verizon, didn't matter, this is one of those companies that puts profits above it's customers safety, and that right there should have everyone running for the door, but I didn't. So I went back home with my Note 7 and kept it for another 4 months till i was basically forced to return it.

Even after all this [removed] , and trust me, there's much more. I still like them, and would like to keep them. I help 100's of ppl in my area with their phones for free, and pay some pretty big bills, but yet, none of that matters. I'm not sure how I will like not having them, I should hate them but I don't, heck their CEO even dared his customers to go somewhere else, who and where else could someone say this and get away with it? We are all so involved with our phones now it's one of the most important items in our lives.

Anyway, my question is. Being I can't make this huge bill in one payment, more like 10. Will I lose my cloud pics and docs for it?

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