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Cloud still down after over a month

I don't know about you all, but I am entirely sick of this company and their [removed].

After being a LONGTIME customer of theirs (since 1999) I am finally biting the bullet, paying off my last phone and leaving them for good.

They have nickel and dimed me out of grandfathered unlimited plans, free phone upgrades, charged me $0.99 a month for 10+ years for a ringback tone that I have not had in 10+ years and continually upped their pricing, lowered their service quality and frankly I am completely sick of it.

I first inquired about cloud services being down at the end of January and was told it would be early Feb, then mid-Feb, then end of Feb and here we are now getting into March and there is still no clear sign in sight that we will be able to access our data.

I am switching to Sprint and saving the $1,000- $1,200 a year of $90-$100 a month less expensive payments, giving VZW the big middle finger and moving on.

It looks like I am not the only one. I bet this is not bigger news because people simply do not/have not noticed their cloud services are down.

I have just email NBC Philadelphia (who are pretty good about getting info like this out there) about this.

--- I am also contacting the Better Business Bureau and leaving this information everywhere I can



Are you a Verizon Wireless Customer? If not, chances are you know someone who is. I have been a customer since 1999, before the company was even officially called Verizon Wireless. That's a long time to be with one carrier, right? I think so.

Well, on top of their elimination of their old unlimited data plans (only to be bringing it back again, at a more than double the price rate), their elimination of free phone upgrades, their nickel and diming/hidden fees in everything they do, their inability to provide accurate cancellation pricing and their frank disregard for their customers, they have been lying to customers for over a month about when we will be able to access their -used-to-be-free-cloud services. They now charge for those cloud services and we have not had access since mid-late January. Customers in the online community forum were told it would be fixed February 6th....then February 16th, February 23rd,  then February 27th and when I last spoke to an online chat supervisor,  on March 1st, after I was unable to access my data for the eleventy-billionth time, I finally got her to admit she has no idea when we will be able to access thousands of pictures, videos and other important documents that they are either holding hostage for some unknown reason or have simply lost/denied further cloud coverage.


I am not alone in my frustration with Verizon and if none of you have access to VZW online support community, I will gladly provide screen shots and other accounts of the hundreds (likely thousands-though they might not know it yet) of VZW customers who have been continually denied access to their cloud data.

I am currently attempting to report them to the BBB and other means of trying to tackle this, but alas, VZW makes it extremely difficult for customers to have any sort of recourse for their terrible service."

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