Cloud - where did my stuff go?
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Hi -

Before cleaning out my Galaxy s5 cell and resetting to factory settings, I uploaded my contacts/pictures/etc. to the Verizon cloud.  Now I am trying to find everything and download it to my new Windows notebook and iphone - but it's not there. 

Somewhere somehow I missed the class that explains what's happening. 

Could you help?  Please!

Many thanks again,


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Re: Cloud - where did my stuff go?
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I would definitely be lost without my data, ipadupad2. Let's work on this together. Did you download the Verizon Cloud app to your new phone? Is the content you uploaded to Verizon Cloud visible on your online account?

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Re: Cloud - where did my stuff go?
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It's always good to make sure everything is backed up before you delete your phone.

You can access your verizon cloud by going to my verizon>my account>back up contacts (this takes you to the cloud) if you don't see anything in it, then chances are the back up didn't actually complete and go through.