Since its been months that I had to upgrade my cloud from the free one, does that mean I lost all my photos?

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Making sure your pictures are kept safe is vital, so I completely understand your concern, Karime01. I can definitely help review your account and confirm if your pictures are still being backed up on the Verizon Cloud.


Just to be clear, did you not upgrade your Verizon Cloud to one of the Premium plans Have you logged in to your Verizon Cloud to see if you can view any of your pictures? 


All customers that had the free Verizon Cloud media storage were required to either upgrade to a premium paid option, or remove their media before their account was deleted. They could continue to use the Verizon Cloud app to store contacts, free of charge.


We sent all customers text messages and email alerting them of this change. Did you receive these notifications?  Once the Verizon Cloud account is deleted, any content backed up on the Verizon Cloud is erased.


Please reply to the Direct Message I sent you, so we can access your account and further assist. 


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