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Deleted Cloud content

Since I can't find a way to ask a question on this community, I'm going to post it here.... I have been a loyal, on-time paying customer of Verizon's for years now.  My question is How does Verizon think they have the right to delete my entire cloud with all my pictures taken over at least 4 years?  My cloud storage which came with my plan for Free was 25GB.  It was full.  I left the pictures/videos there until I found a more permanent solution. I received a notice late last year that my cloud would be deleted if I didn't pay more to "upgrade".  I called, the operator said not to worry they wouldn't delete it, that was only if I wanted more space.  I received another notice in December.  I disregarded because I thought my cloud would be safe...nope.  I found out recently Verizon DELETED MY CLOUD AND MY HUSBAND'S TOO.  When I found out from the Verizon customer service agent, I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He essentially told me I had my chance and basically blamed me.  Shame on you Verizon!  I pay my bill on time and this is the thanks I get?  What about the pictures of my uncle who has since passed away?  How about the ones of my aunt who is now sick or the pictures of my kids from 4 years ago when they were smaller? How will you replace those?

This could have been handled so much better.  A phone call or letter or text making sure I acknowledged the message or here's a crazy idea, just grandfather me in and let me keep my free storage until I CAN MOVE IT. You guys make enough money, you didn't need to threaten to delete people's personal photos unless they pay up. Shame on you.  Very poor business practice.  I have filed complaints to different organizations and I will be sure to spread the word that Verizon lacks integrity in the way they've handled this.  Looking for a new phone company, PS stop sending advertising offers like custom photos from my Cloud...What cloud, you deleted it...

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Re: Deleted Cloud content
Sr. Member

You were warned multiple times and you blame the company that warned you in advance...? A 32GB flash drive can be found for under 10 bucks.

You. Were. Warned. In. Advance.

My cloud was also deleted, but depending on your carrier for important photos is really irresponsible. If something really matters, you'd keep a local backup.

Re: Deleted Cloud content
Verizon Employee

Hi rojask​,

I can understand how you might feel we let you down and I apologize if you were given any incorrect information that may have left you feeling that way.  Verizon discontinued all free cloud services last September and we have been notifying impacted customers by way of an email to the account owner at least 45 days prior to the removal of the service and a text message a couple days prior to both the account owner and the impacted mobile number.  Even after the notifications, the content was kept in archive for another 30 days to allow you time to subscribe to the 500G service which included an additional 30 days free which would have allowed more time to retrieve your content before paying. 

The 25GB free cloud service was part of the More Everything plan.  If you left that plan and went to a plan that no longer included it but continued to have the 25G  promotional credit then your cloud service was considered a free cloud service. 

I realize none of this will help satisfy the fact that your precious memories were deleted.  Again, I'm sorry if you feel we let you down and was given incorrect information about your cloud.

Regarding messaging about custom photos, those notifications are generated by the cloud app on the phone for customers that have an active cloud service on your account.  After the cloud was removed from your mobile number it must have been put back on again, possibly by opening the cloud app after it was deleted which would have put you on the 30-day trial. If you contact support by chat or calling 800-922-0204, I'm sure they'd be happy to check and remove it from your mobile number so you don't get those messages.