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Google Pixel & Verizon Cloud? What does and doesn't work?



I installed Verizon Cloud on my Pixel, my wife's iPhone 5S and the Verizon Cloud Desktop App on a Windows 7 Laptop.


To make this short, I'll just say other than backing up contacts, nothing else has worked with the Pixel.

1st CSR I talked to gave several suggestions, said Pixel isn't supported for certain automatic Sync/Backup functions but I should be able to sync files the automation doesn't recognize manually.

I tried drag & drop upload on the Desktop App with Pixel plugged in allowing USB file transfer. Upload cannot do multiple files, only one at a time. That will take approximately...forever. Drag & Drop doesn't respond to trying to access folder on Pixel...not even errors.

I saw there was a Verizon Cloud Sync Folder mentioned in the Desktop App. On the same screen were three red check marks declaring sync update & restore were all complete (by default, even before attemtping anything). I copied several folders of files Verizon Cloud couldn't see from the phone to the laptop's Verizon Cloud Sync folder. After clicking the Sync button several times it began blinking but only ran a few to several minutes, then happily declared the sync complete with a notification symbol above the check mark. Clicking on that declared 883 files were awaiting processing. 2 hours later no change...either inclredibly slow or incredibly dysfunctional, or it's operator error. 

2nd time I used Pixel connection to Verizon Cloud, "Something Unexpected Happened....try again later or call us". Uninstalled from PIxel & reinstalled. It knows it's still messed up up, exactly as before, like I never uninstalled it.

Called help again. 2nd CSR was only able to read script & ask me irrelevant questions repeatedly after I answered them. I was frustrated & gave up. She wanted to send me help files. The link she sent 'no longer exists'. Nice. Do-not-reply sender address.

Next morning I decided I should not be angry at her...I should feel sorry for her.


Simple question: Is there anything useful in this app for Google Pixel, or does it just have such a bad user interface I won't be able to tell whether it works?





Re: Google Pixel & Verizon Cloud? What does and doesn't work?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Do you have the paid version of Cloud or the free version?  If the free version, then all it backs up is contacts.  For Android phones, there are other backup options than VzW's Cloud, such as Google (and they aren't carrier-specific + Google is free).


Re: Google Pixel & Verizon Cloud? What does and doesn't work?
Sr. Member

There is no benefit to VZW's cloud in your case. You should be using iCloud for iPhones. Google Drive is free cloud storage for 15GB.


Not a fan of using cloud services that are tied to anything and if something is super important, you'd have a local backup.