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How can I print out the contacts in my trash on the cloud?

I use Verizon Cloud to backup my Contacts.  I also used Google just in case anything went wrong with Verizon's Cloud.  Now what I have is a royal mess.  Something has joined contacts that should not be joined, I have sometimes 4 entries for someone instead of just 1, like I am suppose to have..  It is mixing up phone numbers to wrong people...  I really liked Backup Assistant... wish I could get it back!!!   I want to print out the contacts in my trash folder on the Cloud before I empty it.  I would also like to retain all information, ie: Email, Notes, Web Address, Home Address... etc.  Can anyone talk me through that?  Your help would be much appreciated.  Thanks  RoudyPup

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Re: How can I print out the contacts in my trash on the cloud?

If it is in your contacts, the print function isn't available.  You could try putting them back into your cloud contact list, exporting the contacts to a CSV file that Excel can read, cleaning them up in excel, then delete all of your cloud contacts and import the CSV file again.  Deleting all of them sounds scary and it is.  I think I would go through the painstaking exercise of looking at them in the trash and individually restoring the contacts I want to save. Some things I've noticed: - They recently started backing up google contacts so I'm seeing duplicates from that. - I had a problem with them duplicating my contacts before the google contact list and they did something to remove most of the duplicates for me.  You might want to try that avenue before the manual efforts to reduce the number of contacts you're playing with.  You'll have to restore them to the cloud address book from the trash first though.