How do I know how much Verizon Cloud storage I currently am using?

Is there a simple way to see/know how much Verizon Cloud data I'm currently using, so I have an idea as to whether I'm close to our family's limit for storage or not? I'm just not seeing it. I've ready other people are seeing things disappear from their phones -- how does one know what they're already using? Similar to general data usage -- is there an easy way to look and say, "Oh, out of the free XX MB of Verizon Cloud storage, we currently use XX MG per month." Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Re: How do I know how much Verizon Cloud storage I currently am using?
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It absolutely makes sense, WORDGIRL1229. I don't want to see you running out of storage or losing any of your valuable memories. Normally, you can see the Cloud storage details by opening the Cloud application on your phone. At the top of the home screen, there is a bar that will reflect "Available Storage" as well as the amount (such as 20 GB of 25 GB, for example). The same information is available within the Cloud app by selecting the Menu from the upper right and selecting Settings. If you do not see those details, please let me know what make and model phone you're using as well as the version of the Cloud app on your phone (Cloud > Menu > Settings > About > App version).


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