How do you restore deleted photos more than 30 days out

We were told by a local store representative that my daughter's account was fine and nothing needed to be done to her photos that were stored in Verizon Cloud. It wasn't going to go away. That was in Dec. She just checked and her photos are gone and her account ended in Jan. She is more than 30 days out so she was told nothing can be done. If the local store knew how to read an account correctly, we would have downloaded the photos or upgraded but now she's lost a year of photos. We are heartbroken. Is there anything that can be done to get those back?

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Re: How do you restore deleted photos more than 30 days out
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Losing irreplaceable memories is never a good experience. All customers that were in jeopardy of losing their pictures were notified to update their Cloud storage by a certain date. For more information, visit: and review option 1.


What make and model are the device? It is possible the pictures were backed up to another method of storage such as Google Photos or iCloud. We will be happy to assist you with uncovering all possibilities.


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