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NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email
Enthusiast - Level 1

I will make this very concise and to the point.

I have been using my Verizon cloud normally for years... no issues.

Last week before I sold my old android I backed that phones content up to my extremely large backup of data

Today I opened the cloud app to dig for a very old message

NOTHING was there.

  • Called Verizon and the girl looked at my device and had me uninstall and reinstall cloud.. nothing worked
  • The girl says that it needs to go to the next level of support and they will call tomorrow.. I said I need someone tonight and she said theyll call in 30 mins.
  • No call- whatever.
  • I go thru chat on the verizon website and then I got a call
  • After discussing it with the call center this time around I'm told that "We've been emailing you trying to warn you"
  • "warn me of what?"
  • "we sent you emails that told you we were going to be deleting the cloud content"
  • I said I never got any warnings. "well we sent them, I see it"
  • I called the guy out for being snarky and said I need to talk to someone else and need my content back
  • "well I can put a ticket in and we might find some of it but its gonna take like at least 3-5 days" **the guy was a complete sarcastic prick**
  • The supervisor gets on the phone and says the same thing. "we'll put in a ticket and we'll let you know in 3-5 days if we find anything"

After researching this whole thing after the fact.. understandably livid.. I searched my email and found ONE email from them regarding this deleting content from the cloud situation.. ONE.

FROM OCTOBER!!!! 10/25/17!!!!

That is literally all I have from them. This is disgusting and extremely irresponsible as a cloud provider.. let alone a telecommunications mammoth.

I need my content back. My honeymoon from 2015, the day me and my wife bought our house, our first apartment, my dog as a puppy.. literally everything from the last 8 years is gone.

but its ok guys. I got a ticket #!!!!

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Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email

Same here.

Not sure why, after years Verizon is making it difficult!!

Not happy. I still don't have my pics.

Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email
Enthusiast - Level 3

Back in November I noticed a notification at the top of my phone that my "free" cloud storage was expiring mid December. Free? I was paying $73 for a package deal. I got on the chat support and he explained that contract had expired. For $64 I could go from 3G to 5G of storage on a new contract. I asked flat out, does the price increase? Does the storage expire? To both he replied no. In January the bill increased  to $68 and this morning I woke to one of those notification messages stating that my storage had been deleted and when clicking on it they want $9.99 to add storage to include data other than my contacts.

I have been a Verizon customer for many years!

I have friends and family who pay half what I pay for their service with other companies.

I came here to see and can verify now that I am not alone so my question now is, will our bills reflect the lesser service?

Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email
Customer Service Rep

I know how important it is to make sure that you have a good idea of what your bill will look like each month.


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Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email
Enthusiast - Level 2

Verizon, this is going to become a PR nightmare! This community wants, needs, DESERVES a public response.

Y'all have made this service FREE, for YEARS and now, irreplaceable data is being deleted, with little to zero warning. THIS new pay for cloud service should be in GIANT boldface lettering as a headline on every single customers home screen, from mobile app, full desktop site access, to mobile website. Not to mention text notifications, printed bills, and multiple email notifications. Heck, I'd say this warrants mass postal warning letters sent explaining the changes, dates it becomes effective, and fees associated.

Just another way Verizon corporate cares very little about customer service, only the bottom dollar.

As an additional note, I've NEVER used Verizon cloud. In general, I don't trust the security. As we've all seen so many times, if a hacker wants the data, they're getting it. Just ask celebrities who's less than fully clothed photos have been published over the internet.

An update would be fantastic!! Either from OP or Verizon

Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email
Enthusiast - Level 3

Just a note, if a customer chooses to use other methods of storage after having this service removed then stop sending them those cloud notification ads offering print specials.

Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email

I have a similar problem, except I chose not to subscribe but was assured my content would be stored for 30 days.  It was not, but instead instantly deleted.  Again, it was about 8-10 years of photos, videos, and other content with priceless sentimental value.  Most of this is not able to be accessed from other outlets, as I did not upload it to other platforms.  Can someone help me try to recover this? Also, DO NOT say the content would be safe for 30 days when it WAS NOT, but instantly deleted! I would have uploaded it elsewhere if I knew that would be the case.

Re: NOT OKAY to delete 8 YEARS of content from just 1 email

Found out today, mine was gone. The young gal in customer service was very nice and genuinely felt bad for me, but she had just been thrown to the wolves! Simple stuff here: GIVE ME BACK MY GRAND DAUGHTERS PICTURES!! I'll pay YOUR ILLEGAL RANSOM! JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN!!