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Strange error when I try to login to Verizon Cloud computer app for the first time.

I just downloaded Verizon Cloud to my laptop and restarted my computer.

I entered my username and password to login and entered the correct answer to the security question.  (I know this because I tried entering the wrong answer and it took me to a screen that says the info does not match.

It says to contact Verizon Customer Service - which I did and am on hold in Chat for 15 minutes now.


What now ?

It also gives an encrypted error code that I can copy to the clipboard:
Encrypted Error Info: 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