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Synced Contacts - Error.

I am going to explain my issue and even include pictures so you can comprehend what's going on. This isn't an equipment issue, it's not a user issue. It's a Verizon service issue. I have tried through the Cloud app, the website service and from the phone. It's as if you just changed the service, gotten rid of it or you failed to migrate things over correctly so it works with each other. The web app can view and use the synced contacts but there is no way to edit or delete them.

I used to be able to get on and enter contacts through the website. I just did it last week. I've been using this for years. 


For the last few days I am not getting this error message and I'm not able to modify any of my synced contacts. 



I download your Verizon Cloud app and it made me sign up for something with a fee. When I accessed the Cloud, nothing was saved in there. 

My contacts are synced to something on Verizon's service end.

Now when I use your Messages web app I am having an issue.



When using the web app, phone numbers just show as numbers. Unless you save them on the website. When I start by typing in a name, the contact field will auto-populate names and numbers of saved contacts. Your system fails to realize some people have the same name. So when 2 people with the same name message, it doesn't know which message to place it in on the web app. So it never comes through on the web app but it does on the phone. I use the web app because I can't have my phone in certain places for work. I need to be able to just clear out all of the saved contacts or to be able to manage those contacts. Where are they and how do I get to it?