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Syncing Cloud and desktop Cloud App

I am trying to download my Cloud  photo content to my laptop. The session times out and the zip file is unusable. It was suggested to download the Desktop Cloud App and download them from there. So..I downloaded the desktop  app and asked it to sync with the online cloud. I kept getting the message "Sorry, we  can't connect to your Cloud at htis time. Attempting to connect....."   What is the easiest way to move my photos from Verizon Cloud to my laptop???

Re: Syncing Cloud and desktop Cloud App
Customer Support

As a father myself, I realize just how important saving your photo content can be.  Let’s go over all the details.  We would suggest starting to troubleshoot this by restarting your laptop completely and your internet connection (router).  Here is more information about using our desktop application:

Does this help?  Please notify us of the results.


Re: Syncing Cloud and desktop Cloud App
Verizon Employee

Timing out is a requirement of the My Verizon security login.  As long as you keep the browser open after the timeout, the downloads will continue.  If the download is interrupted, the zip file gets corrupted.  That's one possible cause.  The other cause I've seen is if the zip file is too large, some zip extractors can't handle it.  7zip seems to solve that problem.

I actually prefer the PC/MAC app for downloading large amounts of content from the cloud because it downloads the individual files instead of zipping them up and there is no timeout.  As long as the PC is on and the app is running the download completes.  You can monitor the download in the app.

One thing that trips people up is the sync folder.  That is a special folder for quickly putting things into the cloud using familiar PC/MAC file managers.  It doesn't access any backup content.  To download content that is backed up to the cloud, you have to go to the backup tab in the pc app, click the Restore button and pick the sources you wish to download content from.  The source is broken down by device types (e.g. mobile, PC, web).  You need to go through each folder individually to download everything but when you are in a device folder, just check off the devices and all content backed up from those devices will be downloaded.