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I have been having issues with the Verizon Cloud working properly. This has been happening to me for months and I am to the point that I am frustrated and would like to know if it is the issue of Verizon or if its an operator error (me)! 

Goal trying to accomplish: Moving photos from my timelines to designated folders. I have been working really hard on going through my entire CLOUD photos and moving photos to the appropriate "albums" since I started using the CLOUD and I figure why not be super thorough but in my opinion, Verizon is not wanting to be as thorough which is causing a lot of extra work to be done. I only really wanted to do this once and be done with it until I get to the current month. 

Steps I take: I open a month of photos from the "photos and videos" section then click "timeline". For example, I go to June 2016, which might've had 256 photos in it. I go in and "delete" first the ones that I do not want. Typically, if I was to delete 156 of those photos, that would leave me with 100. This, most of the time works. The next steps are the ones THAT DO NOT WORK... From the remaining 100 photos, I go in an click the photos that would go to a designated album. For example, I might click on 25 photos of my dog and want to move those to my dog album.. When that "seems" to be complete, I come back to my timeline and the 25 dog photos that I just moved have been moved to the designated "dog album". Then I will go back into the timeline and select, for example, 10 photos that I will move into the "family" designated album. I get the message saying that they have been moved but when I go back into my timeline folder, they are still in there AND they are also in the "family" folder as well. I also "refresh" my page and I sign out and back in and still the photos are there that should not be. Some months are better than others but ideally, the goal would be to get all years of my photos into designated albums up until the current month so I never have to look for a photo again. 

THE ISSUE: It's taking way too long to move all my photos to the designated albums when they are still appearing in the timeline BECAUSE each time I move photos to an album, only the remaining photos that have not been moved should only be remaining, right?  I am having to continue to sift through photos I have already moved or THOUGHT I MOVED??? I am afraid of deleting the photos in the "timeline" folder thinking it might delete the ones that I moved to the desinated folders already. 

I am assuming as the photos get moved to designated "albums" and the remaining amount of photos should be less and less each time until I get down to "0" but AM I WRONG? 

Is anyone else having this issue? Sorry, if I dont do the best at explaining this but I was working on making a photo book a few months ago and came across this issue. I gave up because it was taking too long. I started the project back up again and it is still doing it. 

Please advise!

Thank you,

Robyn A

[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]




Customer Support

Robyn, I definitely understand where your concern is coming from. Me being very organized, I want to section out everything to ensure it can be located easily - stress free! It definitely could be copying them, but the originals would still be in the main folder! If you are afraid on deleting a photo, please try sending it to someone, then try moving that same photo to a designated folder, then deleting it from the main. If it appears to stay in the designated folder, you can continue to delete the others in the main folder. I hope this helps! MichelleH_VZW


I will try. I think its just odd that sometimes it moves them and sometimes it doesnt and it would be much simpler if once its moved to a designated album, its goes only to that album. 


Thank you for your help!

Verizon Employee

@rarmani1 Dont delete the photos from your timeline view unless you no longer want them in the cloud!

The time line view is a filter of your photos.  It allows you to filter photos by the month instead of the ordinary "All View".  Moving them to albums doesn't create copies or move them out of the timeline view.  At a technical level, it gives it another 'tag' to allow the 'Album View' (another filter based on the album names (tags).  There is only one copy in the cloud so if you delete something from the album, delete it from the timeline or delete it from the All, it is removed from the cloud and cannot be recovered unless you have the original saved someplace other than the cloud.