Verizon Cloud Restore to Driod Turbo

I have a Driod Turbo.  Video files (.mp4) restored from the Verizon Cloud do not have a original date stamp that the Gallery recognizes. Photo files (.jpg) appear to have the original date sorting data intact.  All the video files are date stamped with the date of the restoration to the phone and appear the front of the restored files.  I recently upgraded from a Driod Mini.  Both Driods were/are using KK 4.4.  Neither Verizon nor Motorola technical support has been able to tell me why this happens or when/if it will be corrected.  When I check the video files stored on the Verizon Cloud using a web browser, the video files show the proper date in as the "date captured".  I am not sure if this is happening on other devices.  I will check later to see if the problem appears on my Verizon Ellipse Tablet.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution?

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