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Verizon Cloud issues after changing plan.

Hello, looking for guidance and assistance with a Verizon Cloud on one line of my account after a change of service gone horribly wrong.  I drove to a local branch to get a plan change figuring that would reduce odds of any issues.  I just needed 3 mobile lines changed from post-paid to pre-paid plan.  Same owner, same address, same phone numbers, same equipment, no bolt-on product changes, Verizon is carrier before and after... literally no changes aside from just wanting changing from post-paid to pre-paid.  Took about 4 hours in local office to finally get the 3 lines plan changed, but then when getting home I learn that my Verizon Wireless account online apparently got deleted (can't see bills or anything anymore).  Then after rebuilding the online account, I learn that the one  mobile line that had Cloud backup on it apparently also died for heaven's only knows what reason.   Multiple chats and calls to customer service and got nowhere.  Added Cloud back to that line under the new online account and various login issues as well as no option for managing the Cloud in the account at all.

I just need a archive copy of that Cloud account restored in some fashion to get the data out of it.  I've been with Verizon for years, I simply changed the plan for the lines from post-paid to pre-paid.  No clue why the account became cannibalized from what should be a extraordinarily simple few minute change of service, but need it fixed.

Any help on how to reach the more technical folks that work with the Verizon Cloud is greatly appreciated.

Re: Verizon Cloud issues after changing plan.
Customer Support

Hey there! We're sorry to hear the trouble you've been experiencing with our Verizon Cloud. The reason you would've lost your initial access is because the Verizon Cloud basic comes with your plan at no cost to you, however it is not for our Prepaid services. We would still be happy to help with this concern. To begin, please send us a Private Note, so we can obtain more info about these concerns tonight. *Kris