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Verizon cloud

How do I cancel Verizon cloud? 

Re: Verizon cloud

I just receive a gift from Verizon or Verizon cloud.  Now I am to pay for the service. I want to cancel this subscription, NOW!

Re: Verizon cloud
Customer Support

We would be happy to direct you, please meet us in a Private Note. 


Re: Verizon cloud
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Cancel Verizon Cloud 

Manage Verizon Cloud Account

Cancel Verizon Cloud subscription

If you cancel your Verizon Cloud subscription, only your contacts will continue to sync with Verizon Cloud. All other content stored in your Verizon Cloud account will be immediately archived and no longer available to you. If you don't reactivate your Verizon Cloud account within 30 days, your content will be permanently deleted. If you decide to cancel your subscription to Verizon Cloud, you should first download all your files to your computer or a portable storage device.

Note: Deleting the Verizon Cloud app from your phone does not cancel your subscription. You will continue to be charged monthly for your account until you cancel your account through My Verizon or delete your account through the Verizon Cloud app.

You can cancel your Verizon Cloud subscription on the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon or through the Verizon Cloud app:

  • Mobile app
    1. Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner.
    2. Tap the Settings icon (a gear) at the top of the menu.
    3. Tap My Account.
    4. Tap Delete My Account.
    5. Tap NEXT.
    6. Tap CONFIRM.
  • Computer app:
    1. Click the Cloud icon:
      • Mac - At the top right
      • Windows - At the bottom right
    2. Click the Menu icon (3 dots).
    3. Click Settings.
    4. Click My Account.
    5. Click Cancel my plan at the bottom.