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Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I work for samsung and I know that all Samsung devices have Samsung Cloud app built in. Verizon hides Samsung cloud and forces us to use their cloud, which is ridiculous, because there is also google cloud and drop box that give people a lot more  free storage. I had to install an app to locate Samsung Cloud and now I have it set up. The app is "quick shortcut maker". I just want to post this in the hope that customers find this post and are aware of the scam. I hope Verizon changes their ways.

I have let all my customers know about Samsung cloud and I always advise customers to disable Verizon cloud. I get plenty of older customers coming in because their devices are advieing them to buy more storage. These are generally cuetomers who live on a fixed income. They come in to best buy stressed out because they fear losing pictures and contacts. I make sure they leave satisfied with google and Samsung cloud. Verizon is shadier than a willow tree at high noon!

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Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I am ready to ditch Verizon over this as well. I bought a Samsung after Verizon cloud lost years of my texts BECAUSE Samsung offered its own cloud service. Much to my surprise, it's not available on my Note 8. (I did find an app and recovered some texts.)

So no backup of Verizon Cloud with Samsung Cloud as I had hoped.

Even WORSE...Verizon's build of Note 8 ONLY allows for google drive backup. PLUS they both combine and sync same data. If I lose 1 I lose both.

Top that off... Verizon's/Samsung/Google deal means basically everything on my phone is now all synced together. For example dropbox will not install without going automatically into "my accounts" in settings and start syncing automatically.

If I turn autosync off for


My contacts, texts, etc...get all screwed up.

I installed oreo last night, and it took until this afternoon before I realized my unanswered texts had not been sent because I had tried to unlink some of the accounts I do not want linked!

And seriously? Half the things I need to set up for google can only be done on a computer. Thank goodness my calendar, after a month of frustrating late nights is still visible on my computer...Only 1 year will sync to my phone.

If I add a different calendar automatically syncs to match samsung and google google calendar. I can't turn off sync for google or nothing works.

It has been a nightmare! I hope Verizon gets enough complaints to do something. After a month of pretty much nonstop calls, texts, chats with Verizon, Samsung, Google.... in addition to hours of my own online searches, my phone is still not as usable as my 3 year old cracked, barely operable moto mini.

I have been a loyal customer for many years. Verizon had the most the dependable service and great support up until the past 2 years or so.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

Because my dropbox is now linked to google and verizon no matter how hard I have tried to separate them...I am afraid to do much else. Google syncs any calendar I add to my computer. I am afraid to lose work going back to 2010 by deleting ir changing phone settings.

When I set up Note 8 it automatically joined my verizon contacts to google contacts, etc...

As I said, photos, docs are easy.

Everything I had in 2 systems with different email addys...1 for things I wanted Verizon and certain apps to belong to. and 1 for gmail and google stuff.

Like personal/verizon


They are all hopelessly mixed together now.

Certain apps such as dropbox automatically go to accounts page with Verizon Cloud and Google account and Samsung account (which is still required for phone to work even though I have no access to Samsung Cloud).

It says autosync all. warning: any change you make on device, in clouds, or on computer will ALL sync!

or turn off autosync....and only google allows a sync. the others don't.

Sync all or don't sync.

Seems Samsung basically traded Samsung Cloud, calendar, apps, pretty much to google. Most native apps showed google data the 1st time I opened them.

My google gmail is required as my samsung device gmail or NOTHING works.

Huge Fail for Verizon!

I know these posts are monitored and deleted by Verizon...

but if anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

I feel stuck in Verizon, Google hell.


Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I had the same issue.  Samsung Cloud isn't available.  No way to restore.

First time calling Verizon, they referred me to Samsung.  Samsung didn't know what to do because Samsung Cloud isn't available.

Called Verizon again, I told them Verizon disables Samsung Cloud.  The tech denied it and then I found this thread.  He then escalated me to Level 2 support.

Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I also have a Note 8.  Level 2 Tech Support was more sympathetic but ultimately useless as they also couldn't figure out a way to restore so they referred me to Customer Support.  I'm going to ask to switch to a google phone.

Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

What was your workaround to get Samsung cloud to work?

Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I was able to partially get it able to work by following online guides for the same issue with this for note 7. I am are considering leaving verizon as a carrier because of this. 

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Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

We all need to call and harrass Verizon until they add it back 

Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!
Customer Support



We would hate to lose you over this concern and want to provide every resource for assistance. I want to provide clear disclosure that Samsung Cloud is not available on Verizon devices, per the Compatibility section of the Samsung Cloud website:


You would most likely have access to the Samsung Cloud if you were using an unlocked device purchased directly from Samsung on the Verizon network, but a Samsung device purchased from Verizon is not compatible.


If you are not interested in using Verizon Cloud, which offers tremendous value and is included for no additional charge with our Above Unlimited plans, you can take advantage of free storage with Google Drive, or other services. I hope this information helps because we don't want to see you go without secure content.



Re: Verizon hides Samsung cloud!

I am beyond frustrated also. I have 3 Samsung devices on the Verizon network. Note 8, Galaxy book and frontier watch. The idea is to have compatible devices that are able to sync content (for me mainly pictures for my business) seamlessly without a bunch of unnecessary steps. My phone is my camera and since it's on Verizon carrier, it is disabled from syncing thru Samsung cloud?  Samsung cloud should be the simple conduit to do this. I've considered  switching carriers also for this reason. We should not be forced to buy into Verizon cloud service, paid or unpaid, just because we are Verizon customers. I understand it's a money thing, but it's not right to break a Samsung feature to try and force us into a premium service.  That's just bogus. Love Verizon reliability and service, but hate this aspect of their business model.