Verizon hides Samsung cloud!
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They removed it completely now. I backed up to Samsung cloud because Verizon wants me to pay for theirs (even though you get google photos, drive, samsung cloud, and the back up to google for free). My phone was acting a little wonky so I reset it, inevitably causing it to update the device firmware and now I cannot recover my data from Samsung Cloud onto my phone. Thanks Verizon! I have had this number with you for almost 14 years and you guys are trying to control what apps I can use?? I would understand blocking or hiding potentially malicious third party apps but not manufacturer apps. What the heck guys?! Some of my things that couldn't be backed up to google are now lost in the samsung cloud abyss. I can access my cloud from a browser but that does not itemize back ups and does not allow for restoration of a phone. You guys charge so much goshdarn money for your services at least allow me to choose which services I am allowed to use. Your cloud terrible, Samsungs' is better, so you hide theirs in an attempt to get people to pay for yours. You get enough of my money and I think it is time that you get none of it. Dicks.

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It's going to take all of us calling them, and literally harrassing them to get it. We will have to call repeatedly until they finally cave in. Demand in numbers speaks louder than $$$

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tbrown89, your 14-year loyalty means the world to us, and we would never want to lose your preference. We always want to make sure that you're able to back up your content on your device. Please tell us, what is the current software version on your device? Is the Samsung Cloud application visible or available for download on your phone?