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Why Is The VZ Cloud 'Merge Cloud Content' Feature Not Working?

If any one is wondering, the issue is still ongoing. I've chosen to just go to my cloud of 10 YEARS and manually download all the pictures (3400) and video (1600). I have kept this line active just so I can do this. It was my original phone number of 10 years, but recently I found myslef in a pinch with a broken phone, low funds and tablet line that had been suspended for a year beceause the tablet was no longer usable, and due for an upgrade. So I switched it to a phone line and got a new phone...and phone number, and cloud account.. But it would be wonderful if they could, in the meantime, I will continue to keep my old line active, maybe put a simple phone on it for my daughter to use because I don't see this being a quick project...

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Re: Why Is The VZ Cloud 'Merge Cloud Content' Feature Not Working?

What is it you are expecting that function to do?

It is intended to assist users that have both a FiOs/Landline cloud account and a Verizon Wireless cloud account so that you can merge your FiOS cloud with your Wireless cloud.   Was that what you are hoping to do?