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Why can I not install Verizon cloud on Nexus 6p?

I recently purchased a Huawei Nexus 6p new in box. As I was setting up the phone, the software versions kept updating. Initially I saw the Verizon Cloud app in the app store, but I kept getting an error that it wasn't compatible with my software version. After a couple of days, the phone is fully updated to 7.1.1, and now I can't see the Cloud app in the app store at all. All of my photos and contacts are now stuck in the cloud. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Why can I not install Verizon cloud on Nexus 6p?

Email the developers of the application asking them to add the Nexus 6 to the list of compatible devices. The email address is listed on the Play Store listing.

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Re: Why can I not install Verizon cloud on Nexus 6p?
Customer Support

Kenpachi, I understand your concern regarding your photos and contacts. I would want to make sure my information was backed up and secure. The Nexus 6P is not a Verizon Wireless device and at this time we can not guarantee that the Verizon Cloud application will work properly on it. I do recommend logging into the Cloud application online to view your contacts and photos


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