can't access older photos on the cloud

I recently switched from a Samsung Note 4 to a Galaxy S7, and now I can't access any of my older photos on the Cloud (the ones that were taken before I changed phones). I can't access them in the Gallery on my S7, nor online. They simply just don't show up. Help? Thanks in advance!

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Re: can't access older photos on the cloud
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Getting a new phone is exciting and we want the transition to be as easy as pie and that includes having all your previous data. From the sound of it and based on not being able to see them online, some images may have not been backed up prior to changing phones. Do you still have the Note 4? You can check the last backup date by opening the application and selecting the Menu button (3 horizontal bars) and it should be right at the top. If you still have the Note 4 and access to WiFi, you would be able to perform a sync to ensure that any recent data is backed up and able to be accessed from the Cloud.

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